• let them eat mcdonalds

    the story goes
    before marie antoinette got her head cut off
    she would visit her own private hamlet
    where she milked cows and rode horses
    and wore simple peasant’s clothes
    as she reveled in mundanity.


    when she grew tired of the pretense
    she returned to versailles
    with all of its corsets
    and mercury mirrors
    her belly full and her back unbroken.


    i remember this
    as i wake from my daydream
    on a streetcorner doused in pouring rain
    in which i held a cardboard sign
    and begged the passing cars
    for loose change.


    i know my father’s truck will arrive in fifteen minutes
    to take me to suburbia,
    where i will fall asleep in a queen sized bed,
    phone charging,
    my belly full and my back unbroken,


    and wonder if there are brioche crumbs
    on the coupons and change
    i keep in my wallet
    for days like these.